Yoshie Shibahara, Passengers, 2013
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Intermedial theater

Passengers is a theatrical road movie about a train trip from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Combining live theatre, media art and dance, it is the story of accidental encounters on the railway.

Lapland and its Aurora Borealis appear as an exotic escape from reality to an Italian man left by his wife, a German journalist traumatised in war zones and a Japanese woman who lost her home in the Fukushima disaster. The passengers’ fates are bound together by the train’s conductor, intricately familiar with the stories of everyone on board. As long as the train does not reach Rovaniemi, anything seems possible.

Premiering at Stage, Passengers is realised in the CineChamber, a unique media space giving panoramic video projection and surround sound. The story, told both on screen and on stage, takes the audience on an immersive journey from melancholy to absurd humour.

Yoshie Shibahara, Passengers, 2013
Yoshie Shibahara, Passengers, 2013
Yoshie Shibahara, Passengers, 2013
Director: Davide Giovanzana
Media artist: Egbert Mittelstädt
Text: Antti-Jussi Korhonen
Supporting media artist: Matthias Neuenhofer
Programming: Stanislav Glazov
Music: Biosphere
Light design: Guido Petzold
Technical manager: Caroline Michaud-Nérard
Performers: Giorgio Convertito, Maria Faust, Juha Sääski, Yoshie Shibahara
Production manager: Luc Gerardin

Premiere: August 14, 2013 Stage Festival, Korjaamo Teatteri, Helsinki
April 2014 Festival Golden Mask, Meyerhold Center, Moscow
May 2014 Rainbow Festival, Na Mokhovoy Theater, St. Petersburg

A Production by Eva Maarika Schmitz & peʀiˈskoːp
Co-produced by Korjaamo Teatteri, Recombinant Media Labs

Yoshie Shibahara, Passengers, 2013
Yoshie Shibahara, Passengers, 2013